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Bamboo composites on french TV news

At a few days prior to the Jec World which will be held in Paris from 25 to 27 April, France 3 is highlighting bamboo composites in its TV news programme. More and more media are showing interest in reinforcements such as those from Cobratex as the industry is changing.

The use of bio-based composites in the industry is increasing. The sector is undergoing a major change and the environmental aspect no longer seems to be a choice but an obvious consideration. At Cobratex we can see the beginning of a transition in the use of raw materials for product design in almost all sectors.

Our development is accelerating to meet the ever increasing demand. Our partnerships are numerous and are strengthening to respond to significant economic activity. Cobratex must meet all these strategic phases by recruiting new team members for an industrial development in line with the needs of a growing market.

We would like to thank the France 3 team for their great work, illustrated below.

(Photo credits : Mathieu Calviac)

Bamboo-based composites are increasingly featured on television when it comes to sustainable and environmentally friendly materials. Bamboo composites are becoming increasingly popular in industries such as aerospace, automotive, furniture and construction. Bamboo fibres are often used in combination with other composite materials such as polyester and epoxy to create lightweight and extremely strong materials. Bamboo-based composites are very durable and have outstanding mechanical and thermal properties.

Bamboo fibres are very stiff and impact resistant, making them ideal for reinforcing composite materials. Bamboo also has good elasticity and tensile strength, making it very useful for composite parts requiring high mechanical strength. To create bamboo-based composites, the fibres are often mixed with an organic matrix. Thermoset matrices such as epoxy are commonly used for their high thermal properties, while thermoplastic matrices such as polypropylene are used for their recyclability.

Once mixed, the fibres and matrix are subjected to manufacturing processes such as compression moulding or vacuum injection to create durable, high quality composite parts. The use of bamboo-based composites also helps to reduce the environmental impact of industries. Bamboo-based composites are made from renewable and environmentally friendly materials, making them biodegradable and recyclable. In addition, bamboo grows quickly and requires little water, making it a renewable raw material source.

In conclusion, bamboo-based composites are increasingly used in industries for their durability, outstanding mechanical properties and reduced environmental impact. Bamboo-based composites are an excellent choice for the manufacture of durable, environmentally friendly and high quality composite parts.

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