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Over the last 10 years, COBRATEX has developed its innovation, consolidated major industrial and institutional partnerships and created solid links with major industrial leaders from a wide range of sectors, including aeronautics, space, marine, rail, automotive, logistics, sports and leisure, among others…


Our primary ambition is to become an industry leader, a key raw material producer of bamboo reinforcements for composite materials. We produce our unique continuous tape and work with industrial partners to design the entire range of dry and pre-impregnated reinforcements needed on the market. All COBRATEX products can be used across the full range of composite processing technologies.

In order to continue and speed up our development plan in response to strong and growing demand, we need to increase our production capability and keep expanding our product range in order to secure major market shares.

Join us in our industrialisation for a more sustainable industry, and take part in one of the largest natural CO2 captation method to ensure a cleaner environment for the future.

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