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In order to achieve our aim of bringing bamboo alternatives to the composite material market, COBRATEX has developed a technological innovation that was patented at an international level. This high-tech process enables us to obtain a unique continuous ribbon of unidirectional bamboo fibres. This ribbon is very different to the standard yarns found on the market, made of glass, carbon, flax or other fibres. It is a complex structure composed of fibre bundles and closed honeycomb structures and channels, which embed air between two fibre assemblies. This ribbon is actually a composite structure by itself.

This particularity makes this product very different to all other reinforcements and provides many functional properties. COBRATEX’ innovation received numerous prestigious rewards and the company now offers a complete range of bamboo products to industrial companies.


Specific structural properties of natural fibres, especially flax and bamboo, are competitive with glass fibres. Plant based fibres answer the market’s need for more sustainable products and they bring new functionalities.

COBRATEX products are very different and unique due to our innovative process used to manufacture them. Air is embedded in between two fibre assemblies, in closed honeycomb structures and channels. This particularity leads to many advantages :

Their density can be as low as 0.7 à 1.35, hence up to 4 times lighter than glass fibre, and even lighter than carbon fibre. This is the main advantage which will enable us to get a grip on the market.

Damping is 3 times higher than carbon fibre. Furthermore, damping peaks are correspond to carbon fibre resonance frequencies, enabling an optimum combination of both reinforcements.

Preliminary studies have shown good results in terms of water-resistance: no swelling, no delamination and an impact on mechanical properties three time better than with other natural fibre reinforcements.

Positive first results regarding electromagnetic transparency

Other obvious advantages are currently being characterised concerning vibrations, impacts (shocks), thermal and acoustic absorptions.

Their appearance bring forward the bamboo aesthetics. Painting composites components can therefore be avoided in order to keep the bamboo visual from the heart of the material.

An extraordinary environmental impact: our reinforcements absorb as much CO2 as the quantity emitted by fibre glass reinforcements’ production ! They also provide an average gain of x100 for all other pollutants. Life Cycle Assessments (LCA) show that the gain is also greater than for other natural fibre reinforcements due to the fast-growing properties of bamboo and the fact that pollutants are stored in the rhizomes (in the earth) and that our technology is a low energy consumption mechanical process 

COBRATEX’ activity and products have multiple outcomes, especially concerning environmental sustainability :

Reducing pollution due to bamboo culture, which acts as a carbon sink.

Reducing pollutant emissions by reducing weight in transport and therefore decreasing kerosene and fuel consumption.

Reducing wastes due sustainable materials that are biobased (renewable), recyclable, compostable….

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