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The founder of the company, Edouard SHERWOOD, used to work in Aeronautics where he setup and managed a team of engineers specialised in innovative projects, which lead him to found a profitable business. He then focussed on several projects linking engineering to environmental issues.

COBRATEX officially started at the beginning of 2010. The aim was to build an industrial and international company to focus on the extraordinary properties of bamboo :

  • Remarkable ecological properties
  • Competitive technical characteristics and performances
  • Huge and unused potential for the composite industry

Our ambition is to answer new needs on a growing market, by offering : Bamboo reinforcements for high technology composite materials.

COBRATEX focusses on composite materials, which are fibrous parts, moulded with resin. Technically speaking, superposed layers of « reinforcements » are embedded in a « matrix » (resin). Reinforcements used are fibres, yarns or fabrics. Composite manufacturing processes concerns all industrial sectors enabling the company to be involved in many domains.

Several associates got together to create COBRATEX in October 2013. They brought varied and complementary competences due to their different profiles: Engineering; finance; entrepreneurship (international business & sustainable development) ; farming.

In 2016, the team grew. Guillaume BEUVELOT and Jean-Michel DURAND who supported the project from the start, officially joined the company.

In 2018 and 2019, seven new associates joined in with high-value profiles (composites, marketing, industry…). The team is growing faster and in 2021, to answer market demand and strategic developments, the company employed a new CTO, Thomas MOUSSIEGT, who has over 16 years’ experience in the composite and aeronautics industries.

The company received several labels:

  • The JEI label, « Jeune Entreprise Innovante », a french innovation recognition
  • The « Entreprise Innovante des Pôles » label, delivered by the French industrial clusters
  • The Solar Impulse Efficient Solution Label, an internationally recognized label that provides recognition of high standards of sustainability and profitability to innovators.

The company is lucky to have many industrial and institutional partners that support it developments and it involved in several collaborative projects.

COBRATEX now offers a complete range of reinforcements and composite solutions. The range covers 100% bamboo products or can be more complex, such as sandwich structures or multi-reinforcement monolithic composites. Our reinforcements are compatible with all matrices available on the market, both thermosets and thermoplastics.

Many products use COBRATEX reinforcements, which enabled to answer needs on several industrial sectors, including Sports & Leisure, the marine industry, aeronautics and the medical sector. COBRATEX products’ advantages have now been shown on several functional properties. With over 150 clients, our products have made their way on several markets and forecasts show a remarkable development.

Industrial demand is growing and COBRATEX continues to invest significantly in improving production capabilities and widening its range of products, in order to best answer industrial and social expectations. In this context, if you are an investor or an industrial company that wishes to support us in our development, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for more detailed information.

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