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COBRATEX celebrates its 10th anniversary !

Here we are, COBRATEX is celebrating its 10th anniversary! We would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who have contributed to the development of our company since the very first day it was founded. This human adventure based on commitment, determination and support has fuelled our company, which continues to grow in its sector of activity.

Many thanks to all of you, especially :

Our 16 collaborators who have been on the front line in a solid team since the creation of COBRATEX. This core group is made up of highly complementary profiles, with a purely operational focus on meeting all the needs in a changing environment and keeping our company on the right track.

Our 31 partners from the technical, scientific, financial, economic and structural worlds, all of whom have given us crucial support to enable us to exist, move forward and survive.

Our 189 clients, who have placed their trust in us from day one, thanks to their vision and determination to adopt and expand the use of our innovation in all sectors of activity. The specificities of composite manufacturing methods require a wide range of compatible reinforcing “raw materials”, which are characteristic of this market. Our close relationship with our customers has given rise to synergies that have resulted in 21 products listed in our ERP system. With the aim of better meeting the specific needs of our customers’ applications, our number of products will continue to grow significantly.

Over the last ten years, we have seen an increase in demand from industry across all sectors. This is a fertile context for our innovation, and the results once again demonstrate that the strategy we have chosen is the right one, despite the complexity of our development: industrial objective, breakthrough innovation, entrepreneurial autonomy, etc.

The 15 awards for excellence have given COBRATEX the credibility it needed at key moments in our development. These awards are also recognition of our expertise in our field and the relevance of our solution.

Our economic activity is linked to the need to invest significantly in industrial hardware. This has to be entirely custom-designed to match our patent perfectly. Since our creation, more than €2.5 million has been raised and invested, mainly in developing our unique production tool. A large number of machines are now up and running, and we’ve already started to line up and automate certain key stages of production.

As you will have realised, the current challenge facing our company is to achieve full industrialisation. Our solid ecosystem has enabled us to contract the BAMCO-2 project, an important and strategic undertaking. This collaborative project, the objectives of which will be announced shortly, is supporting the negotiation phase with a number of leading manufacturers. COBRATEX will soon be offering industry a complete range of sustainable, specific and certified products, at prices and quantities in line with market expectations.

The entire COBRATEX team would like to thank you for the trust you have placed in us. We would like to take the opportunity of our anniversary to invite you to continue this wonderful adventure together.

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