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Curved geometries

We can offer you all kinds of curved, complex shaped, tubulare or profiled bamboo composite parts. These products can also include other reinforcements and can be made with either thermoset or thermoplastic matrices, biobased or not, to fit as best as possible your specifications. For sandwiches, core materials can be biobased, recycled or recyclable.

Our composites have already been used in many products including sports and leisure, marine, interior design, aeronautic and automotive applications. Please refer to COBRATEX’ product datasheet for further technical data and advantages provided by these products. Detailed technical data sheets are available on demand.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us, we would be delighted to support you in your product developments.


Matrix : thermoplastic & thermoset
Core : biobased, recycled or recyclable
Reinforcement : 100% bamboo or multi-material
Shape :
simple or double curvature, complex, tube, profile

Product specifications


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