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Thermoplastic prepregs

In order to ease production, we have developed thermoplastic prepregs with our reinforcements. UD, 2×2 twill and multiaxial prepregs are at your disposal.

We offer standard 2×2 twill prepregs with PP (polypropylene) or biobased PA11 (polyamide) matrices for both 61% and 69% reinforcement weight ratios. Other combinations are possible on demand.

These products have already been used in hot stamping and thermoforming processes to manufacture many different components for several industries including aeronautics and automotive components.

Please refer to COBRATEX’ product datasheet for further technical data and advantages provided by these products. Detailed technical data sheets are available on demand.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us, we would be delighted to support you in your product developments.


Product specifications


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