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NIMROD Composites was contracted to make bamboo/epoxy panels for an outdoor structural application. The infusion process went very well:

  • Multiaxial bamboo fabrics 0/90° were hand layed
  • Vacuum was set before infusion
  • Infusion was successful due to a good resin migration/propagation in the fibres

The result is clean, mechanical properties are interesting and the visual appeal is great, which has made us buy the Bamboo 2×2 twill fabric from COBRATEX to make composite shaped parts, to be made in decembre.

Cobratex’ fibre enables to get a lighter skim or wakesurf board with a new feeling under our feet. Concerning processing, there is a significant advantage regarding surface sanding, as there is no thin harmful dust produced compared to Carbone. Furthermore, the fibre does not absorb resin. Resin savings, hence more sustainable. Concerning the design, it is very nice. It can be handled with polyester and epoxy resins. To be put in-between two layers of glass fibre. Very good product.

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