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Let’s go diving with bamboo fins !

These first prototypes of fins, using Cobratex’ reinforcements, was the outcome of a constructive collaboration. Looking at professional divers’ feedback, this product has astonishing properties. Forgetting about the bamboo look they have, which is quite extraordinary, on a technical point of view, these fins compete in the professional category. Shown at the last international JEC WORLD trade show in Paris, they attracted the market’s attention.

In order to fully test the product in its integrity, we got in touch with an international freediving champion (his identity must be kept confidential for sponsoring reasons). Following thorough testing, giving the fins a hard time, the champion only had good feedback to share about our product. Out of the many comments that were given during the many swimming pool lengths; we can summarise that Cobratex’ fins :

  • Are really comfortable during movement.
  • Transfer extremely well the power from the foot-pocket portion.
  • Are nicely balanced.
  • Are reactive.
  • Have a perfect surface behaviour, regardless of all the constraints.
  • Have a remarkable deformation behaviour.

In a non-technical jargon, the conclusion is without appeal: “Very good product!”

This experience fills us up with the urge to go much further in our development in order to make a high-quality product.

I would like to thank all of those involved in this development and those who shared a great interest in this product. Thanks to you, Bamboo will soon take part in swimming and diving activities.

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