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COBRASKIN by Cobratex

This is the first 100% natural swimming pool cover that enables you to melt in your natural environment. This cover was developed for the exclusive us of swimming pool and spa’s mobile covers. It is the first of its kind: 100% environmentally friendly and was designed in collaboration with Design Concept LS. Cobratex developed a patented process to transform bamboo into a unique material. This innovative process was first developed for the aeronautic industry. The fruitful collaboration between Design Concept LS and Cobratex, enabled this innovation to be used as your swimming pool and spa mobile covers.

This product is a combination technical and ecological excellence as well as being sustainable. Due to bamboo, a very fast growing plant, this cover has a direct positive impact on nature. CO2 is absorbed during the plant’s growth and used to make this 100% Made in France product (including bamboo).

Two designs are available:
COBRASKIN twilled : woven bamboo texture
COBRASKIN regular : linear bamboo texture

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