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DISPATCHBOX – ecoDELIV’ by Cobratex

The first generation of Dispatch-Boxes has the following composition

  • 100% bamboo reinforcements
  • bio-based matrices
  • Recycled cores

Its major advantages :

  • Remarkable environmental impact
  • Re-useable
  • High resistance to dropping

Possible improvements include increasing the proportion of bio-based materials, thus focusing the environmental impact on the climate change factor (CO2 absorption), or moving to recyclable matrices to focus the environmental impact on the recyclability factor.


In partnership with the company FORIZONS, part of the SQUARE MANAGEMENT group, Cobratex has developed several types of environment-friendly and re-useable industrial packaging:

  • Fold-Box : Foldable packaging
  • Dispatch-Box : Rigid box

These new products compete with industrial packaging, mainly disposable or with a limited life span, made of petrol-based plastic materials or wood. Many innovations have been developed to obtain quality products with multiple advantages.

Their composition can vary according to needs:

  • 100% bamboo reinforcements
  • bio-based matrices
  • Recycled, recyclable and/or bio-based cores

Their major advantages:

  • Remarkable environmental impact
  • Lifespan well over 28 years (<7 years for the re-usable competitors)
  • High resistance
  • Up to 40% weight savings

Cobratex is at your disposal to design, with its partners, solutions adapted to your needs. You will thus benefit from the know-how developed and the major advantages of these new alternatives.

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