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The first bamboo boat, by Atelier Interface

Established in the French “Charente-Maritime” region, Atelier Interface, is a shipyard founded by Antoine Mainfray. Atelier Interface is moving forward in the designing of boats that are environmentally friendly.

He made his first models using Cobratex’ bamboo reinforcements combined with Sicomin’s GreenPoxy resin, to produce the rudders and interior elements, on his Aloes 18 and Flow 19 ; Antoine Mainfray is now pushing the limits and making a complete boat with bio-based and recyclable materials.

This new model, named Floki 6.5, widens the use of bamboo sandwich composites to the whole boat including the hull, the roof-top and the deck. Carbon tapes were used for the structural stress paths, which enabled to combine these reinforcements with Cobratex’ bamboo products that have remarkable damping properties, especially at carbon fibre resonance frequencies.

Following iFremer’s first promising results regarding Cobratex’ reinforcements response to sea water, it is a new step forward in using Cobratex’ products in the marine industry, thanks to Atelier Interface’s excellent work.
Congratulations to Antoine Mainfray for his commitment to make things change in the marine applications.

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