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Launching of the first bamboo pleasure boat !

The Cobratex team is very proud to announce the birth of the first pleasure boat made of bamboo. Atelier Interface’s desire to make sailing more ecological and sustainable has gone from slogan to reality.

The shipyard for this project began in 2016, the initial challenge was to demonstrate that it is possible to combine natural composite materials with a manufacturing method that is more environmentally friendly than those used today.

After analysing all the bio-based options available on the market, Antoine Mainfray, founder of Atelier Interface, contacted Cobratex in 2017. A few tests and configurations later, Antoine opted for bamboo. In the magazine Voiles et Voiliers he says : « Of all the natural fibres that are available today to be worked into composite materials, it is bamboo that has the best mechanical characteristics. The best rigidity/density ratio. »

As of 2018, our reinforcements were gradually being incorporated into the shipyard’s creations, particularly in the rudder, to meet technical constraints. Later, it was the turn of the interior fixtures and fittings, which are an essential aesthetic element for a pleasure boat…

Atelier Interface is continuing its initial quest ; bamboo thus becoming an important element in the construction of their boats. Their latest product, launched in 2020, called FLOKI 6.5. This time the bamboo sandwich composites have been extended to the whole boat including the hull, roof and deck.

Antoine Mainfray’s remarkable adventure is a real success story, a flawless journey in which Cobratex has had its part to play, demonstrating that bamboo is indeed an important element for the environment.

Many thanks to you, Antoine, for the trust you have placed in us, and above all, for the values we share, the same values that drive you every day towards tomorrow.

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