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Bamboo : an efficient solution against greenhouse gases

Bamboo enables to fight efficiently against greenhouse effects as it absorbs significant amounts of these gases. Bamboo absorbs 5 times more greenhouse gases than an equivalent volume of trees and produces 35% more oxygen !

Bamboo photosynthesis, which is a bio-energetic process that enables plants and some bacteria to synthesis organic matter using sun light, is much greater compared to other trees or plants, due to the fact that bamboo stays green all year round and grows incredibly rapidly.

A 1 hectare bamboo forest can absorb over 60 tonnes of CO2 per year depending on its specie. This is 30 times greater than the culture of other plants. Bamboo is therefore an incredible carbon sink solution.

Bamboo is also very light, which reduces significantly CO2 emissions during transport.

COBRATEX products have a carbon footprint 5 times lower than products made with glass fibre. They also enable to store carbon in the final composite products. Not only this CO2 is stored, but more is absorbed during the plant’s growth, in its rhizomes, enabling new shoots to come out. The environmental benefit is therefore very real !

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  1. Very important information on Bamboo as a Climate change solution to climate change especially against greenhouse gases. I need more latest updates if there are plantations planted as Afforestation Reforestation and Revegetation as Carbon Trade projects.

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