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Let’s ride around the world with the SOYOUZ speeder !

Skier, skater, surfer, windsurfer… and designer, painter, programmer, Ivan Cacaly is very sensitive to environmental issues and proactive to solve them. His SeaClone project has sustainability considerations, supplied by industrial partners from the composite industry involved in providing “clean” alternatives to the market, this board was designed and made to be in harmony with our environment, from cradle to cradle. Ecology is not a fashion and Ivan’s work does demonstrate that by using bio-composites including cork, flax, basalt, wood, bamboo, biobased epoxy resins, as well as recycled sandwich cores.

Ivan never stops, once again he provides us with a new invention for riders, the SOYOUZ Speeder. This board represents the top in terms of technicity and environmental impact as it combines bio-materials and recycled ones. The SOYOUZ Speeder is eco-designed integrating a recycled PSE core, hemp and wood fibres, woven bamboo, cork and bio-based resin. This board can be qualified as a sustainable product with respect to the current turn industry is taking.

Ivan managed to take advantage of each material that compose his SOYOUZ Speeder creation, making it a highly technical and efficient product. On behalf of Cobratex, I would like to thank Ivan Cacaly for his new development as it brings Cobratex’ reinforcements at its forefront. If you are a rider and you want to know more about this product, do not hesitate to visit SeaClone’s official website.

Following SeaClone’s acknowledgement, we are pleased to share this video showing the SOYOUZ Speeder being used 😉

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